We all want to have perfect skin, beautiful body and shining hair  – this is obvious :). We also know that it requires from us some effort and being systematic. It may discourage some of us.

To make your beauty routines easier I would like to share with you my beauty schedule I prepare every month. It takes only a minute and makes my life so much easier. Thanks to it I do not forget about my beauty rituals, it helps me do it regularly and keeps my skin and hair in a great condition. I do it in four simple steps every two days. Sometimes I add a foot massager and serve my feet some luxury bubble bath :).


 FMface mask                  HMhair mask               BPbody peeling                FP – face peeling


1. Face peeling La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Cleansing Scrub. I use it only once a week and the one with no beads, cause it is much more delicate for my skin than regular scrubs. There is no need to use it more often, cause skin on our face regenerates within around two weeks and we can only irritate it by overusing exfoliators. The one from La Roche – Posay that I use is tested on the same level as medicine (found out in the chemist recently), gently cleanses my skin leaving it smooth and soft. So far my favorite one :).


2. Face masks. Luckily skin on my face doesn’t require any special treatment, so I choose a face mask depending on my current mood :). I really like those from Superdrug store and find them very good. They have a great selection there and often on 3 for 2 offer. But if you have a sensitive or problematic skin I would suggest you to go to the chemist and ask someone experienced to advise you on that.


3. Body scrub. Same as face exfoliator I use it once a week. If you apply it regularly it doesn’t only improves the texture of your skin a lot but also by massaging increases blood circulation which has a great effect on its condition. Fights dryness, helps reduce cellulite, smooths and softens it! I love the one from Soap&Glory and Palmer’s, cause they leave my skin super silky, smell lovely and I don’t need to use any extra moisturisers after.


7DSC_01194. Hair masks. Using hair masks is very good for fixing and improving immediately the condition of our hair. And again, we should not apply them more often than once or twice a week not to overweight it. It’s very important to make a right choice and pick a hair mask that meets its needs perfectly. I really like L’Oreal thickening mask and Dove Oxygen Moisture. And what’s your favorite hair mask :)?



9DSC_0125If you have any favorite face scrubs & mask, body peelings or hair mask that are worth recommending I will be very happy if you share these with me :).

DSC_0126Face masks: Dove Oxygen Moisture, L’Oreal Elvive thickening mask, Herbal Essences strengthening intensive mask, L’Oreal nourishing mask.

Body scrubs: Soap&Glory, Palmer’s.

Face masks: Superdrug Store (detoxifying, de-stressing and exfoliating).

Face scrub: La Roche – Posay.

 Happy July 🙂