Wardrobe Detox


“Wardrobe Detox – because going shopping is not enough !!”


  Do you ever feel like:

  • you have nothing to wear
  • you don’t know how to style your clothes
  • you have loads of mismatched outfits
  • you don’t know how to organize your wardrobe
  • you would like to change your style


You are in the right place. Wardrobe Detox  by  Klaudia will help you solve all these forever! I will come to your home and go through every item in your wardrobe with you  teaching you how to accessorize and style clothes together to create beautiful stylish outfits. I will show you colors that suit your type of beauty and clothes that enhance your body shape. I will also teach you the basics of what every wardrobe should have and make a list of items you need to complete your wardrobe.

Clothes that are worn or no longer fit you I will encourage you to bring them to a local charity shop.

 Wardrobe Detox session (2 hours) 

To book Wardrobe Detox session email me at info@wardrobe-detox.ie