Personal Shopping

PERSONAL SHOP.-VERTICAL2“I have enough clothes and shoes, I don’t need to go shopping” said no woman ever !!

      If you:

  • hate shopping and feel like it’s your biggest nightmare
  • impulse buy and have loads of mismatched clothes
  • spend too much money and time shopping and still feel like you have nothing to wear
  • don’t know how to pull looks together


Wardrobe Detox  by  Klaudia will change that during 3 hour Personal Shopping session! I will show you how to do smart shopping without spending loads of money and time. I will teach you how to style clothes to create beautiful and stylish outfits (all in a nice and easy way) what fabrics to pick and what style mistakes to avoid. I will also show you what colors suit you and what type of outfits you should choose  to enhance your body shape.

 Personal Shopping session (3 hours) –  €110

To book Personal Shopping session email me at