Polka dot manicure is one of my favorite ones. Many times I have been complemented and asked  by girls if these are nail art design strips or done by a nail artist. They are always surprised when I say I did it myself.  It only looks complicated but it’s really easy. You can paint your nails with polka dots without any special tools. This short tutorial will show you in few simple steps how to do it on your own nails and it takes only about 10 minutes :)!


1. Pick two colors of nail polish: one for the base color and one for the dots.


2. First apply base coat to your nails and then paint your nails in the base color. Wait few minutes for your nails to dry.


3. Dab a little bit of nail polish onto some paper and dip the dotting pen into the blob. Take the dotting pen and gently dab it onto your nails to create dots. You can alternate dotting in different colors if you like.


4. Apply top coat over the design so the manicure will last longer. Enjoy your fabulous new polka dot nails :)!