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If you got a wedding invite and need to bring your little daughter with you .. ūüėÄ here is a wedding guest idea for both of you ūüôā xx Mother ¬†Top,¬†‚ā¨12.99¬† ‚Äď shop¬†here ¬†Pleated midi skirt,¬†‚ā¨14.00¬† – shop here ¬†Metalic court shoes,¬†‚ā¨32.99¬† – shop¬†here ¬†Flower crown,¬†‚ā¨4.20¬† – shop¬†here Daughter ¬†Frilled top,¬†‚ā¨14.99¬† ‚Äď shop¬†here ¬†Tulle¬†skirt,¬†‚ā¨9.99¬† – shop ¬†here ¬†Ballet pumps,¬†‚ā¨9.99¬† – shop¬†here ¬†Flower crown,¬†‚ā¨4.20¬† – shop¬†here


Who said ripped skinny jeans can only be worn in a casual way? Matched with a super trendy tie-neck blouse and sexy leopard print heels, create a beautiful chic look. ¬†Tie-neck blouse,¬†‚ā¨24.99¬† ‚Äď shop¬†here ¬†Skinny jeans,¬†‚ā¨24.99¬† ‚Äď shop¬†here ¬†Heels,¬†¬†‚ā¨105.00 ‚Äď shop¬†here ¬†Earrings,¬†‚ā¨9.00¬† ‚Äď shop¬†here