Although, I have never had any problems with my skin, few months ago I decided to replace (step by step) all my cosmetics I was using so far with the ones that contain only natural ingredients (no parabens, SLS ect.). So when I received this antioxidant Face and Body Serum from Colway International in September, I was very happy to try how it works on my skin. I have been testing it for over two months now and thought it’s long enough to write a review.

2This Antioxidant Face and Body Serum, Natural Range from Colway International is a little miracle oil. It contains concentrated natural antioxidants that slow down the ageing process of the skin and fantastically improve its appearance. The product is very efficient (15ml bottle is enough for at least 3 months). Despite, it is an oil, it has non-greasy consistence and it’s absorbed by the skin very quickly. I absolutely love its beautiful, delicate fragrance!

I have tried it on few areas (elbows, lips, hands and around the eyes). What I have noticed: It immediately moisturizes my skin leaving it very smooth and soft, areas around the eyes are illuminated, dark circles and puffiness are much reduced. I have tried many eye creams and gels to get rid of the problem and this serum is definitely the best product so far. If puffiness and dark circles are your nightmare too, apply (by gently massaging) tiny amount of this serum on areas around the eyes.  After few weeks of applying it regularly (twice a day/in the morning and in the evening) I have noticed that skin around the eyes got much firmer, brighter and crow’s feet were visibly reduced. The serum also improved the skin condition on my hands.

3In the picture above you can find a full description of this antioxidant Face and Body Serum.


Antioxidant Face and Body Serum contains eight active substances which have a beneficial effect on our skin.